University of Sioux Falls Student Radio Show Back For Second Semester

By Jaymeson Wolkow

In this age of technology, media is more present in our daily lives than ever before. For two University of Sioux Falls students, it might lead to a possible future career. Parker Brown and Cale Engelkes co-host the radio variety show “Two Chaps and a Mic” on KCFS. With content ranging from news and movie reviews to games and storytelling, this dynamic duo entertains all sorts of listeners.

Engelkes and Brown During a Broadcast

The first semester saw some technical issues which caused delays and cancellations of different broadcasts. When asked about how these setbacks affected the show, Brown said, “It wasn’t fun at the time, but it helped us learn to solve problems we might face in our possible future career.” But learning to solve technical issues isn’t the only thing these two have learned from their time on the air. When asked what the most important thing he has learned from his experience was, Engelkes said it was learning to “bounce off your co-host and to interact better with him and the listeners who interact with us.”

With the new semester, Two Chaps and a Mic is back and better than ever, with new shows on air every Monday and Tuesday at 5:00 PM and Thursday at 3:00 PM on KCFS Radio or on the Tunein App. If you can’t tune in at those times, there is no need to worry. The two hope to start uploading previous broadcasts to the Two Chaps and a Mic YouTube Channel. If you have any questions for the show, feel free to contact them at, or on Instagram at @twochaps_kcfs.

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