New Hire in Student Development

By Noah Rothman

Andrew Porteous

The Student Development office at the University of Sioux Falls recently had an open position that has now been filled by someone familiar to all on the USF campus. Over interim break, Andrew Porteous, who served as the Director of Student Engagement and Leadership Development was offered and accepted the open position of Director of Housing and Student Life.

Porteous, originally from New Zealand, brings fresh ideas and a new perspective to the position.  “The housing department needed, in my mind, a lot of love,” says Porteous. While only being at USF for just over a semester, it is clear that he has developed a love for the school, as well as the students. “It’s almost like a marriage. You meet someone, and before you know it you’re in love with them… and you don’t know quite how it got there.”

Porteous has an obvious passion for his job. He is in charge of all things housing and student life. This means he works with students daily to ensure their experience at USF is going smoothly, helps place students in residence halls, and generally oversees Student Development. He is committed to the students at the University of Sioux Falls and wants to see them grow and succeed. Porteous says his interaction with the students is the most rewarding part of his job. “You know, seeing students succeed, seeing students grow, that’s my favorite part of the job. Trying to bring in policies that will help student success [is my main focus]. We’re here for the long haul. We care about the students, we care about the institution, we care about the mission.”

USF student Millie Piper may have summarized the collective feeling towards the new hire the best, “We are lucky to have Andrew, everyone give him a hug today.”


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