The Ultimate Frisbee Club Flying Through USF Campus

Story by Tyler Riedman, Kristine Reiner, & Jacob VanEngen

Summer may be over, but students on the campus of the University of Sioux Falls aren’t letting their classes affect their outdoor activities. College Week caught up with Salvador Jaimes to talk about his involvement with the USF Frisbee Club.

“I like being outside, but I like playing ultimate frisbee but I’ve never been in a club or team. Just with friends whenever I play” says Jaimes.

“We just got together and started playing, then last year  we decided that we really wanted to start a club, and so we talked to Student Senate and got everything worked out and started our own club, where we actually recruited people and went to tournaments and really learned the game a lot better. It’s really fun, it’s just different and you can kind of come from any level, any background, and pick it up pretty quickly” says Kroehler

For more information about joining the Ultimate Frisbee Club at the University of Sioux Falls contact Wesley Theis at or Ally Kroehler at They meet at Campus Park every Monday and Wednesday at 4 PM. Come and join the fun!

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