USF Student Leadership Opportunities.

While some students are getting ready for mid-terms others are thinking of a further future. Student leadership opportunities on campus applications are currently going on. Students have gone through a long process of filling up applications, multiple group interviews and individual interviews.

The good news for the applicant students is that they will have one of their own students, Bryce Wildenaur student senate, to help choose the best candidate for our student leadership positions. Wildenaur’s main duties will be to be part of the interviews for secretary treasury and cab members.

There’s about 30 applicants and only 8-10 positions available creating a big margin for competition, bus Ashley Maturan emphasizes that everyone have an equal opportunity “taking that step to apply is a leadership step so you don’t need that title necessarily to be a leader on campus on any aspect”

Corey Ross, dean of students, says that they are “Working hard to find the best candidate possible to serve on our campus”.


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