Flat Norman Lost

Written by Brendan Schumacher

Flat Norman is the University of Sioux Falls’ take on the Flat Stanley books by Jeff Brown. Flat Norman was officially made a part of the USF campus on August 25. Students interact with Flat Norman by taking a picture with him, posting it on the USF app, and then moving him for the next student. Annie Sternburg, Director of Library Services at the University of Sioux Falls, said, “We made him with the hope that folks on campus would see him, take a picture of or with him, post it on the USF app and then put him someplace new so someone else could find him. It was intended to be a campus-wide effort with students, faculty, and staff participating.”Flat Norman had been in the planning stages since last year, but the pandemic delayed his arrival.

In a tragic turn of events, his year-long journey was cut short. Flat Norman went missing not long after his trip began. Sternburg said, “We are hoping he pops up again, and if you could put out the word that he’s missing and if someone finds him, to please continue his adventures that would be great. We are very afraid he was picked up and thrown away.” Sternburg mentioned that Flat Norman was spotted in Jorden Hall. She sincerely hopes that he hasn’t been thrown away by mistake and that if anyone does find Flat Norman, they continue his adventure.

In the event that our paper friend is truly lost, he can always be made again. One way or another, Flat Norman’s adventure will continue across campus.

Photo courtesy of Brendan Schumacher

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