What it takes to be a Cougar Intramural Referee

By Brandon Lainez

“The school gets intense with its intramurals so I want my refs to know what they’re doing.” Casey Cohoon, USF Intramural Coordinator.

The University of Sioux Falls has a wide variety of activities for its student community to enjoy. One very popular choice is intramural sports. However along with all the joy and excitement that comes with intramural sports the need for fun, hardworking, and intelligent referees is also there.

Graduate assistant, Casey Cohoon wasted no time in making sure that students were informed of the need for refs by publicizing the information and making some great posters. She said the call for refereeing was open to every student as any needed training would be provided. The emphasis of the intramural sports is to have fun. Basic knowledge of the rules, care for player safety, and a good attitude is needed. “As of now it’s all been fun I have about eight or nine refs for basketball and all other spots are filled except two.” According to Cohoon this is the most refs they’ve ever had compared to previous years.

Games are currently being played at the Stewart Center involving three referees, one to do time and scoring while the other two are present on the court. As of now there are 3 games a night from nine p.m. to eleven p.m. Monday through Wednesday. According to Cohoon, “The refs that we have are super intelligent and make the right calls while thinking of player safety and that’s what matters.”

Overall, the intramural season has definitely been a success with great people on and off the court.



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