USF Chapel is a safe hour of prayer and reflection

By Anna Goodhope

Big Z was united Tuesday, February 18 as Campus Pastor Dennis Thum spoke about the loss of his former student. Chapel services in mid February were spent honoring the life of Jaren Fountain, a student whose life was tragically taken in a car accident just five days prior.

The University of Sioux Falls provides weekly chapel for all students and staff Tuesdays at 10 a.m. Chapel is a chance for anyone with any level of interest in faith to come and hear more about Jesus at Z Hall, inside the Salsbury Science Center on campus. This semester’s theme is called “Did Jesus Really Say That?”

USF Dean of Chapel Dennis Thum

Pastor Thum encourages students to attend Chapel, “We have Chapel to help people keep their sense of perspective and to connect with one another.” Chapel on USF’s Campus has grown in size as the semester proceeds. Pastor Thum said, “Chapel is the only time of the week where faculty, staff, and students can sit side by side and pray. It’s a safe hour.”


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