Students Make Plans for Spring Break

Story by Paige Peterson, Miranda Cain and Robert Goffney

Spring break is a time many college students use to get away from the monotony of the classroom and the students at the University of Sioux Falls are no exception.

Freshmen Kara Bunkers and Abby Seigenthaler are traveling to South Carolina with the USF Women’s Tennis Team. Seigenthaler says they’re traveling to Hiltonhead, South Carolina to play some matches there.

Chaley Hohrman, a sophomore, says she’s staying on campus to work on her paramedic course.

Andrew Oveson says he’s traveling to the Black Hills in Western South Dakota to spend some time hiking and rock climbing with his roommates.

Christin VanderPol says she’s traveling to India to encourage some missionaries she and her family know there and then making a stop in the Philippines for a graduation.

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