USF Winter Olympics Underway

Story by Donovan Minor

The USF Olympics started on Sunday with a ceremony rivaling that in Sochi, complete with Vladimir Putin, a blazing fire pit and snow queen hula dancers. 7 countries from throughout the world represent each dorm on campus as well as students from off-campus, faculty/staff and Patterson Hall. Examples include Ukraine for Sullivan Hall, Switzerland for Grand Island and New Zealand for Faculty/Staff.

Ashley Maturan, this year’s head of USF’s IOC committee. said that she is excited for what’s going to happen this year.

“Honestly, the whole thing. The spirit on campus that gets going when the Olympics start is epic and I’m just really excited to see what everyone brings to the table and what team wins…or what country wins, I should say”

Maturan also says that things might change a bit this year.

“The opening ceremonies are a little bit different this year, usually we have a host country and this year we have representatives from each country.”

Maturan is excited for the rest of what the Olympics will look like and said that the opening ceremony is playing off of what we’ve seen in the actual Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Josh Tuttle, as Vladimir Putin, had a few words to say about what he is excited for about this Olympic Season.

“The Bobsled Team will be incredible here…

Tuesday’s my birthday and they build shrine for me…all Russia will win”

The rest of the winter Olympics will continue all this week with Skiing and Snowboarding on Monday with the rest following in email’s to USF staff and students.