Block Party Fun

Story by Tyler Riedman, Kristine Reiner, & Jacob VanEngen

Campus is buzzing with homecoming festivities. College Daily spoke with a few students and staff about all the excitement going on during the week.

“Oh my gosh, grocery bag bingo was super fun! So is the football game but, the most exciting part of homecoming is the dance, because USF dances are the best” says Leah Mulder.

“There is just so many reasons why we would stress community however some of the reason is that it very biblical and nature. We grow and develop as a community through community. You can’t do that on your own. We are made to be connected with on another and I think that USF has taken that to heart because I have had the opportunity to work at several institutions and here, more than anywhere else, it is just a very much an everyday part of what people do” says Nathan Hofer.

Hofer also states “When you are here at USF, you’re not just a student or facility member, you are part of a family and that is a very unique thing.”

Mulder says “Our motto is culture for service, and I think a big part of that is building a community because if you get along with your fellow people that go here, it is going to be a more enjoyable experience and you are going to want to do things with them versus bigger schools where you don’t get to know a lot of people. However coming to a smaller school and have a closer community.”

“I think that overall when coming to events whether it during homecoming week or any other time, it’s just fun to distress from life, classes, homework, anything but also to have fun and meet new people within the community of USF” say Hofer.

So when ever you feel like you need to distress for your busy week just take the time to rest and go out with friends to things happening around your community or even sitting next to a cozy fire outside in the back yard and go have fun.

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