USF students turned Disney Princesses

A dress, wig, and some sparkle are what it takes to bring smiles to children in the Sioux Falls area. Amy Elston, a junior at USF, is doing just that. Elston is involved with Simply Ever After Entertainment, which was founded by USF alumni, Lindsay Lindaman.

Lindaman started the company back in January of 2015 and asked for actors to play the different Disney Princes and Princesses by posting flyers around the USF campus.

Elston plays Elsa from Frozen, as well as other Disney Princesses. But, she is not the only student from USF that is involved with the company. Jessica Giannantonio, a junior, plays Elsa’s sister, Anna.

The biggest reward that Elston takes away from being a part of the company is not just be being a princess, but being a role model for children.

“It’s defiantly rewarding knowing that you are not necessarily bring hope to them,” says Elston. “But kind of full-filling dreams and making their day.”

Simply Ever After Entertainment can be found on Facebook, or going to their website You can choose different packages you would like to book them for or even check to see if there are any positions available.

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