USF college survival guide

How to live your best life in your “home away from home.”

We have officially and successfully made it through the first month of school. Now how are we going to make it the rest of the year? Don’t worry a few of the RAs and RDs are here to help!

  1. Do you have any tips, tricks, or hacks for surviving in the dorms?
    • One hack I would recommend is if you have an 8 o’clock wake up at least by 7:15 am to have priority space in the restrooms. The earlier you are the fewer people you have using all of the sinks. – Xavier Scarlett-RD
    • To live on a budget, you need to think on a budget. Never grocery shop on an empty stomach. Make a list before you go and don’t let your eyes wander at all the pretty advertisements – Jagger Gran-RD
    •   As far as living situations go, communication with your roommate is key to “surviving” in the residence halls. Clear expectations for the year can go a long way and help avoid any conflicts in the future. Also, make sure that you are connected with your RA and know who they are and how you can contact them. To avoid having any issues with the RAs in your hall, just abide by the Residence Life rules and statutes and you will maintain a good relationship with those living around you, your RA, and with your Resident Director. – Dayne Versteeg-RA
  2. Advice on making it through the year, whether school, dorms, roommate, etc.?
    •   Another trick would be to make yourself known on your floor or within your wing to meet as many people as you can. Set healthy boundaries with your roommate and friends to put each other in the most successful positions possible. Another piece of advice I would give is to have a great relationship with your professors. Don’t be afraid to speak in class or if you have questions to stop by their office and have conversations. – Xavier Scarlett-RD
    • You don’t have to be everybody’s friend, but you DO have to get along with everyone. Don’t be a butt. – Jagger Gran-RD
    •   Get connected with the people on your floor. I miss having the freshman residence halls and living spaces like we had during my freshman year. I lived in Burgess Hall during my freshman year and I distinctly remember the community that we had built there with all of the other freshmen that were in my SDV course, general education courses, and the students that were a freshman and also shared the same major as me. It’s nice the way things are set up now though, too, because now freshmen can get connected with upperclassmen in their major and know what to expect in their future. I would just say get connected with people in your major and be asking questions and also get to know the people in your wing. For those freshmen living off-campus, I would say get connected with some students on campus and hang out with them in their rooms and get to know the people in their wing. – Dayne Versteeg-RA
  3. What is the weirdest thing you’ve experienced in your role as an RA or RD, whether it is this year or in the past (something that you can disclose)?
    •   I had a friend in Burgess who was doing around and saw that there was a huge slip n slide on the first floor of CB and joined in. – Jagger Gran-RD
    • Having to write up your friends can be pretty awkward… Make it easy on your RA and don’t do anything to get written up:) – Dayne Versteeg-RA


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