Student Spotlight Isaac Schubert

The Student Spotlight this month has a unique and interesting background. The son of two Christian Missionaries, Senior, Isaac Schubert spent the early parts of his life living in an impoverished community in Africa. Upon moving to America in 2005 at the age of nine, Schubert quickly developed a love for the game of football. That love would ultimately lead him to the University of Sioux Falls as a student-athlete, majoring in Exercise Science as well as being a member of the Coo football team. Schubert’s athletic career was ultimately cut short due to injuries, with the most recent being a knee injury resulting in a season-ending surgery. 

Although injuries may have halted his career as a player, they opened doors for him to contribute to the team in a whole new way. Schubert is using his talents to help promote and document USF’s 2019 football season and has quickly become the main videographer for the program. Isaac started making videos on trips that he would take, creating mini-documentaries to highlight the experiences that he had. He has grown in the skill of visual art exponentially since he started. 

Schubert is unsure of what the future will hold for him specifically, but he has strong beliefs and ideals that will guide him to success wherever life takes him. At the end of the day, Schubert would like to work somewhere where he can “use his knowledge and expertise to help and benefit others.” Isaac would like to pass on these words of wisdom to his fellow Coo faithful, “If you persevere and stay true to your morals and beliefs, good things will happen. If it’s something that you want bad enough, it’s worth fighting for until the end.”

Schubert is active on Instagram and Twitter under the name SUmba Productions, you can follow his project and support his art on both of those platforms as well. 


Instagram: @umba_productions

Twitter: @schubertIsaac


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