Helping USF Have a Safe Winter: Jim Viereck

Written by Brooke Norgaard

South Dakota winters can be brutal, but Jim Viereck is here to make sure students and staff can get around campus safely. Buildings, grounds, and maintenance staff here at the University of Sioux Falls maintains not only the campus’ safety, but its beauty as well.

Sioux Falls, SD – Jim Viereck has been contracted to work with the University of Sioux Falls for 3 years working for the National Management Resources Corporation. From cleaning up campus to pouring salt to save students from slipping on the ice, Viereck has been there to maintain his goal- keeping everyone safe. “I guess what gets us through this brutal weather is knowing it’s up to us to have the grounds cleaned up and as safe as possible. Safety for administration, teachers, and students is always our main concern, so knowing we have to get out there to keep things safe and looking good is what really motivates us,” said Viereck.

Viereck shared his admiration for the USF campus and for the work he does. “My favorite part of the job is working outside, as well as getting to know so many great people around campus. Watching campus transform from the gloomy winter, into a campus full of color and well maintained,” said Viereck.

Viereck’s love for the outdoors goes further than his work. “When I’m not working, I like to spend my time hunting and fishing.” Along with those, another one of his favorite things to do outside of work is spending time with his grandchildren. “My main source of enjoyment these days is watching my grandkids. They keep me pretty busy! But I love every minute of it.”

Within the 3 years, Viereck has found that his favorite part about working at USF is the people. The staff he works alongside has made an impact on his years at USF. “The staff is great to work with, and I’ve been fortunate to make a few friends along the way,” stated Viereck. Viereck even noted how the students have made a positive impact on his favorite part of working at USF, stating “What really makes this job great are the students! We get many a thank you, and the students are always friendly and helpful which can really brighten our days. I’m just very impressed with how respectful the students are!!”

We encourage you that next time you see Jim Viereck and his fellow coworkers outside braving the cold and making campus safe, make sure to give them a thank you.

The Grounds crew consist of:

Jim Viereck, Grounds Supervisor

Patrick Butte, Grounds

Dillion Peterson, Grounds

Tyler Hill, Grounds

Photo courtesy of Brooke Norgaard

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