Getting Creative on Campus

Story by Tyler Riedman, Kristine Reiner, & Jacob VanEngen

The Jones Theatre may seem empty at first glance, but last Friday night it was filled with laughter as the USF improvidence crew took the stage.

Micah Abraham and Ryan Howe give College Daily their thoughts on how Friday night’s performance went.

“Friday night went very well and everyone had fun and that this show was like practice for us” says Micah.

Ryan Howe gives us his take on how Friday night went “Tonight was fantastic, I was a little worried that no one would show up but instead a packed house. We had a real challenge with new people in the group but we made it work in the end.”

On the topic of new members, Ryan, and Micah talk about how they got involved with USF improv.

“I had a bit of a rough start due to a back injury and a couple other things but thanks from the help and support from Debbi Jones I got back into improv and improved over the years” states Howe.

“I started in high school with a couple of acting classes but when I heard there was an improv group on campus I got excited but couldn’t go the first week but then I heard they meet every Monday I was like yes I going” states Abraham.

Improv can be for anyone who enjoys acting, laughing, having fun, anything and Ryan Howe gives us more details on where you can sign up to be in improve.

“It’s a fun time, it’s a safe environment, and we come here and become really good friends, it’s just a really a place to knock out your stress Monday nights at 930 down in Jones Theatre in Jeschke Auditorium” says Howe.

So if you love to act, destress from your crazy day and have fun, then come join the improv group where nothing is judged of how you act as long as you have fun and let the imagination fly.

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