There is a new ice cream shop in town!

Stensland’s Family Farm is a new family operated ice cream and country store in Sioux Falls. They also deliver other dairy products such as cheese, butter, milk, and shakes. With a variety of 22 flavors, this new ice cream shop has original flavors you don’t want to miss.

“It is family owned and operated, we know where our milk comes from because the cows are a few miles away and I think that is very important in today’s health conscious that they know exactly where the food is,” says Mark Stensland, owner of Stensland’s Family Farm. “There is no BST or chemicals or anything like that so it is quality.”

Their freshly hand-dipped ice cream comes from milk that is operated in their dairy farm. They offer fresh dairy products and original flavor ice cream.

Stensland explains the story behind his business.

“This is something that my brother and sister, Dough and Mona, have wanted to do this for a really long time the stars were lined up and the timing was right so they decided to open up the store and here we are,” says Stensland.

Stensland’s come up with their own original 22 flavors so stop by to try one of their delicious ice cream.

Story by Adria Botella, Jessica Justin, & Jessica Perez

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