The Results Are In: A Recap of the South Dakota 2016 Election

On Tuesday, November 8th voters nationwide headed to the polls to cast their ballot for the next president of the United States. Republican nominee Donald Trump, lost the popular vote, but surpassed Hillary Clinton by obtaining 290 electoral votes.

Trump and Vice President-elect Mike will take their oaths January 20, 2017 on the steps of the U.S. Capitol.

South Dakota residents also voted on ten ballot measures, as well as selected a state representative and one U.S. senator on election night.

Amendment U, would have limited the ability to set statutory interest rates for loans, but it did not pass. However, on the other hand Measure 21 passed and will cap interest rates for state-licensed lenders at 36 percent.

Marcy’ Law, Amendment S, passed and will establish constitutional rights for crime victims.The law will give crime victims the right to be notified of the escape or release of the accuser.

Amendment R passed and  will remove the State Board of Regents control of Postsecondary technical institutions, rather than allowing the legislature to decide.

Also, Measure 22 passed and will revise South Dakota’s campaign finance and lobbying laws, as well as create a publicly funded campaign finance programs and ethics commission.

Then Referred Law 19 and 20 did not pass. Referred 19 would have revised the timing and method for submitting election petitions if it had passed. Referred Law 20 would have lowered the minimum wage to 7.50 for individuals under the age of 18.  

Measure 23 which would have allowed nonprofit organizations, such as unions the right to charge fees to non-members did not pass.

Amendment V would have established a non-partisan primary to select candidates for non-presidential federal, state, and county elected offices, but the amendment also failed to pass.

Amendment T, also did not pass either, which would have removed redistricting authority from the legislature and given this authority to a separate commission.

Incumbent Republican Senator, John Thune defeated Democratic challenger Jay Williams, 72% to 28%.  Incumbent Republican house member Kristi Noem also defeated her challenger, Democrat candidate Paula Hawks, 64% to 36%.

Although the election may not have turned out how a portion of the U.S thought it would. Trump will be the 45 President of the United States. With that, the hope is that everyone can keep an open mind so we can all come together and make this nation great.

Written by Whitney Fryer, Jill Langland, & Casey Kelderman

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