Political Talk: Get Interested!

The top political stories this week;

1.) President Trump takes a tougher approach to immigration; he wants to prosecute more people who are crossing the boarder illegally.

2.) 600 different science rallies were held across the world for the protection of the Earth. Urging politicians to protect the environment and its health.

3.) In Washington D.C., a government shutdown is on the horizon. This comes as President Trump is nearing his 100th day in office. Republicans are vetting their healthcare bill in hopes to get more votes, along with approving spending regulations.

Many young adults do not have a particular interest in politics until it affects them personally.

“It is important for them [young adults] to understand that the government affects their lives daily,” says Dr. Kermit Staggers, a former University of Sioux Falls professor and former City of Sioux Falls Councilman.

“The most direct way [it affects peoples’ lives] is by way of taxation,” says Dr. Staggers. Importantly, our water, electricity, streets and sewers are maintained by the city government. “The city of Sioux Falls has a more perceived impact than the Federal Government,” says Dr. Staggers.

In becoming a government official one must let the people speak to them and do not speak to the people. Start going to different political events held throughout the city and the state. If you have circulated yourself in the community, not everyone has to know who you are, but showing the community that you care about them can help get you where you would like to go.

“One of my proudest moments would be eliminating the inheritance tax in South Dakota,” says Dr. Staggers.

The inheritance tax was a tax on the money that families received after a loved one passed away. South Dakota having one of the worst in taxing someone after the inheritance was over $35,000.

Getting interested in politics will not only benefit you, but also your city, state and nation.

Story by Jill Langland, Emma Trittin, & Hailey Schmidt

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