Free Fire Movie Review

Free Fire is essentially a movie about an arms deal gone wrong. A group of Irishmen are looking to get weapons and ammo for the IRA from an arms dealer in the United States. Something then happens during the deal that causes a massive shoot-out between the two sides.That’s where the bad things start.

While the beginning of the movie was intriguing, and looked to be setting up a decent film, once the reason for the fight is revealed, the movie takes a big dive toward the unenjoyable level.  First off, the reason for the firefight beginning was entirely not believable and was a situation that totally could have been avoided. It feels like the firefight basically starts because that is what the story was supposed to have happen and what the writers wanted to have happen, but they could not think of a way to start it, so they just decided to have it start.

The cinematography during the fight gets very confusing at times and you cannot always tell who’s who. It’s not bad the whole time, but enough times to take you out of the movie.  That being said, the color choices and lighting in the movie were spectacular.

The acting in the movie, for the most part, is sub-par, which is made worse d by the lazy dialogue. Many of the characters have accents, yet multiple times throughout the movie, quite a few of the actors lost their accents for lines at a time. The only character, or actor, I liked in Free Fire was Armie Hammer’s character, Ord.  He’s the only one who actually does anything with the bad line’s he’s given to make them enjoyable.

Based on the trailer, this movie was supposed to be a fun, over the top, cheesy shoot out film with laughs throughout, I did not laugh a lot and most of the funny parts are in the trailer. The movie did not leave me wanting more, as most of it fell flat on its face. That being said, after the dive it took when the fight started, it slowly got better as it went on until the ending. The ending left much to be desired.

I heard a comment about the movie which said, “by the end of the movie, you don’t care who lives, who dies, and which body parts are shot, you just want it to be over.”  That’s essentially how I felt about the movie, and while I’ll probably watch it on TV if there’s nothing else on someday, I can only give this predictable movie 5.7 good lines of dialogue out of 10.

Review by Austin Clemen