South Dakota Teacher of the Year

Story by Paige Petersen

The 2015 South Dakota Teacher of the Year announced recently that Brandon Valley High School Mathematics teacher, Allen Hogie was this year’s winner, but not necessarily just because he is productive in the class room but because he makings a lasting mark on the lives of his students.

“He is living out what it means to be a teacher,” says USF Mathematics student Austin Hogie, Allen Hogie’s son.

Hogie, who after a whirlwind of banquets and celebration is ready to get back in the classroom, explains how he feels humbled and excited to be chosen as South Dakota’s Teacher of the Year, but this honor doesn’t seem to be much of a surprise to his colleagues just down the hall.

Senior English teacher, Matt Christensen says, “He’s a fantastic teacher, super smart guy, but super worker.”

Austin Hogie is just one example of how a high school teacher can leave a lasting impact on a student’s life and says, “As a teacher, he helped me develop my skills as a mathematician throughout high school and that really helped me as I pursue a degree in mathematics in college.”

Like many students and staff at Brandon Valley, Christensen sees Hogie as role model for his work ethic and the work he’s able to inspire his students to produce.

“I believe instilling the eagerness to work hard, instilling the work ethic to be successful beyond the walls of Brandon Valley, I think that’s one of the things we as teachers here strive for.” Hogie says.



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