USF Tunnels Exposed

Hidden from the public eye, the dust-covered floors of the USF tunnels are not made for walking. With little available light, these underground tunnels are no laughing matter. The tunnels contain maintenance pipes that connect the historical buildings at USF.

Jeff McDonald says,” The majority of the campus is heated by steam heat, so throughout campus there are tunnels under most of the buildings.”

McDonald discovered these entrances after long nights on the job. However, he strongly believes the tunnels are not made for adventure.

McDonald states,” I wouldn’t put a student in that situation. Everything’s so rusty and sharp. I mean it’s just a trip to the emergency room waiting to happen.”

Filled with steam, electric, and even sewage pipes the tunnels are extremely dangerous.

Dennis Thum says,” You never know what your going to get into and a few years back the maintenance crew figured that out the hard way. When there was a big break in one of the lines and raw sewage was seeping out.”

Even though the tunnels sound very appealing they are prohibited to the public.

Those found in the tunnel will receive a fine from USF and campus security.

Story by Yuharelly Comparan & Theodore Frid

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