Women’s Basketball Intramural Takes a Leap

By Logan Harmelink

Basketball is more than a game. It brings strangers together, teaches valuable lessons, and creates memories that will last a lifetime. At the University of Sioux Falls, female students have created an amazing, long lasting impact with basketball intramural this year. With a total of seven women’s teams competing, the culture for this intramural is growing substantially.

“This intramural differs from others because it is more geared towards women”, says Graduate Assistant Casey Cohoon. It’s not co-ed like other intramurals. Women have the opportunity to form teams together and compete against the other teams, while having fun. Cohoon says, “I was only expecting about three teams to sign up like in the past, but when seven teams signed up, I was shocked”. Cohoon says intramural has “one hundred percent” created a better student community and bond among the female students.

She went on to explain the excitement in the dorms when they first heard USF was bringing this intramural sport back. Women were running door to door asking each other to join up and create a team. And for transfer students, they also got set up on a team called The Transfers, respectively. 

Games are played from nine p.m to eleven p.m at the Stewart Center Monday through Wednesday. The audience attendance is high, with over 30 students gathered around watching these games. The top four teams will move on to the playoffs, with the championship game being played on Mar 4 at 9 p.m. Champions will receive an intramural basketball champs hat, and will be able to play against some of the faculty on a to be determined date.

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