Student Spotlight: Isaac Schubert

By: Joe Timp

Being a college athlete can be a challenging experience in many different ways but for Isaac Schubert it has been a roller coaster. Throughout his four years playing football at the University of Sioux Falls, injuries have sidelined him every season. Schubert described his senior year of football and not being able to play as a “void” inside of him that was never filled. That is why when he decided to join track and field and throw javelin it was a big decision for him. “I didn’t want to waste an opportunity,” Schubert said when talking about getting the chance to actually compete for something again.

Schubert talked about his transition to track as his “second chance” to compete in college athletics. But the story doesn’t end here because Schubert had to find classes to take in the MBA program to be eligible. Within days of all of those decisions he was already participating in his first MBA class. Schubert attributes this to the great people at USF that helped him make his dreams happen. Although he admits track is much different than football so far, he has really enjoyed his time with the track team.

Schubert is hopeful to compete in javelin throwing this outdoor track season. Javelin is an Olympic event in which someone throws a javelin(spear) for distance and form. He described the throwing motion as “challenging” and a very technical movement that takes a lot of practice. Although javelin may not be very easy, it is clear Schubert has never backed down from a challenge and loves the process. For everything he has been through over the past four years this “glimmer of hope” is a great chance for him to compete and fill that “void” that was left from football.

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