Workout Recovery

One of the most important parts of a workout is the recovery.  There is a drink that helps with recovery that is a surprise.  That is chocolate milk.

And not just ordinary chocolate milk, Stensland’s chocolate milk.  USF Strength and Conditioning Coach Zach Mathers spoke on the other partnerships that USF has.

“In addition to Stensland’s, we also partner with  Breadsmith, which is a local bread company.  They also provide us with some really good deals on bread. So, athletes can come in and make a peanut  butter and jelly sandwich, peanut butter and honey sandwich, or just get bread,” said Coach Mathers.

Coach Mathers also spoke on the importance of recovery in the workout process.

“It’s vital, it’s probably one of the most important,” Said Mathers. “ One of the biggest parts of recovery is nutrition.

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