Venom Movie Review

Venom – Toss the Ticket

Today, I am reviewing the movie, Venom, and to start, I’ll go over what I didn’t like about the movie. The biggest annoyance is that the villain was not very good. He wasn’t scary, intimidating, or ingenious — aside from a few scenes. I wished how he was in those few good scenes would’ve carried out in the rest of the film. I don’t think I can place this all on Riz Ahmed’s acting, however. I think it was mostly what the director and script asked for that caused conflicting tones and styles from his acting.

The plot was predictable and the writing was sub-par for the most part. That doesn’t mean it was bad, just bland – meaning it wasn’t anything we hadn’t seen before.

Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams had little chemistry for most of the film, aside from parts when they were supposed to hate each other or be annoyed by one another. Therefore, something tells me they either don’t or didn’t get along the whole shoot.

The CGI was passable at times and DC-level bad at others. Thankfully, Venom being on screen helped a lot during those moments as the movie gets really good, or at least fun, when he’s on screen.

This brings me to the good parts of Venom; the parts which made me happy and enjoy this movie overall.

Firstly, Tom Hardy, aside from his accent, did a great job as Eddie Brock. His character was more intriguing than I thought he would be without having Spiderman or Peter Parker in the film, which was mostly due to his acting.

I also loved the chemistry and buddy cop-like relationship between Venom and Eddie Brock. Their relationship made this movie hilarious for a lot of the time when the film is focused on just them two, though not every joke lands due to poor writing and grabbing actual comic book lines that don’t work in movie form.

Also, as much as I didn’t like the predictable plot and poor script, I did like the origin they gave Venom – as they couldn’t have the origin involve Spiderman.

Lastly, there were 2 post-credit scenes which made the whole movie worth it and erased almost all wrong-doings that came before them. I won’t spoil them, just be sure to stick around for them.

Because of all things previously mentioned, I’m going to give Venom and happy “Toss the Ticket.”

All-in-all, Venom was way better than most critics have said on Rotten Tomatoes. I enjoyed my time with the film and will for sure watch it again at some point. I’ll be upset if we don’t end up getting a sequel due to the aforementioned poor reviews.

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