Professor Recommends Career Fair

By: Patrick McSpedon

The South Dakota Association of College Career Centers is holding a career and internship fair on March 3 at the Sioux Falls convention center. The career and internship fair starts at 11 a.m. and wraps up at 3 p.m.

There is something for everyone at this massive South Dakota career fair. With over 140 top-notch employers from the region, one can find their dream career or internship with ease.

SD’s Big Career Fair is available to all 4-year students for free. Students who want to participate must pre-register by February 25 to receive a free professional headshot to be used for social media profiles.

University of Sioux Falls Professor Lorri Halverson says, “I would strongly recommend attending if you want the opportunity for free networking with potential employers. Many people may also end up finding not only future employment, but their future careers as well.” One can’t deny the convincing argument for the career and internship fair, but what if one wanted to know beforehand what companies would be attending? Well, they thought of that too. Students can check a complete listing of employers by either downloading the Career Fairs Plus App.

With a professor’s recommendation and over 140 top-notch employers, one can’t go wrong with the Big SD Career and Internship Fair. Make sure you register by February 25 to get in on the ground floor of your career.

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