It (2017) Movie Review

“IT” Frame the ticket

The highly anticipated horror movie of the year “It” made its way to theaters this fall and it did not disappoint. This is the second on screen adaptation of the Stephen King’s novel master piece, following the T.V only release of Tim Burton’s version in 1990.

The whole movie was done wonderfully. The running time was about two hours, which is typically longer for the horror genre. However, with a mix of excellent writing, scares, and a lot of laughs, this movie kept a great pace and allowed yourself to really invest yourself in the storyline and the characters.

The characters highlighted by Bill Skarsgard and Finn Wolfhard (known for his role in “The Stranger Things”) really brought this twisted and entertaining story to life. Skarsgard was in charge of bringing the demonic clown to life, and he did an exceptional job. He was absolutely the correct choice for the job, and in my opinion really made the movie what it was. The rest of the cast was just as good. The choices for the characters all meshed wonderfully and the chemistry they displayed on screen really benefited the movie.

The effects and cinematography were on par with the actor’s performances. “Penny Wise” the clown was realistic looking and really sold the evil and demonic look that the novel portrayed for him. Though Computer generated in some scenes, it was not over bearing and still had the realistic look that one enjoys seeing in any movie.

The movie does a great job of allowing you to invest in its script and its story.  You are able to laugh, get scared, and enjoy the emotional ups and downs that these kids go through throughout their journey.  It was one of the best overall movies that I have seen in years. Lucky for us, part two will be crawling out of the sewer in 2019. I will definitely be framing the ticket.

Review by Ian Fieber | Video edited by Austin Clemen & Caelan Markstrom