Taking the Mic: The 4th Season of USF Idol

The Cougar Activities Board is bringing back the annual singing competition, USF Idol. The competition is running on its 4th year and includes eight students that were chosen to perform through an audition process. The contestants perform each Monday for four weeks singing a song associated with the theme for that week.

USF students file into Z-Hall late Monday night to hear their peer’s musical talents. USF Idol has been very high in attendance and has already become a USF campus activity tradition in its 4th year.

Josiah Abraham, CAB’s tradition and volunteers developer, says that the singing competition is a challenge to put together, but it’s worth seeing people perform.

“It’s fun to be an audience member and the crowd is usually involved and so energetic for every night. It brings a lot of light to the performers,” Abraham says.

The year performers include Freshman Maya Belton, Bryce Couch, Tatiana Jaimes, Katie Movick, Abriana Scholl, Sophomores Emma Snow and Lily Satterlee, and Senior Cody Bollweg.

Satterlee was an accompanist for 2nd place winner Clara Koerner last year, but decided this year to test out the pipes on the Z-hall stage this time around.

“(For the show) I performed Faithfully by Journey and I was so nervous before heading on stage. As soon as I heard friends cheering for me and everyone was all so supportive. ‘Okay, this is a safe space to try something new,’” Satterlee says.

In her 5th year at USF student teaching, Amy Hanson has found the time to be judge for USF Idol and says she’s loving the experience so far.

“I was a little nervous at first because I didn’t want to be too critical and I didn’t too nice. I wanted to give each competitor a place to go in the next weeks,” Hanson says.

At the end of the night each students can text in their vote to support their favorite performer. In the end, audience members get 60% of the vote and judges get 40%. Even though students are only able to choose one performer per night, everybody in the audience is very supportive of all the performers.

“I would really recommend doing this to people that might be nervous to audition and perform because like I said before like, everyone is rooting for you no one is saying ‘Oh I really hope they mess up.’ No one is doing that.” Satterlee says.

The next performances will be tonight, Monday October 30th, November 6th and November 13th at 9:00 in Z-hall. Be sure to check back in for more updates and find out who the winner is after the finale in 3 weeks.

Story by Ellie Herman | Video edited by Jade Roozenboom & Abriana School