Haunted Heartland Corn Maze: A Scary Good Time

Halloween is the time of the year when people flock to haunted houses and horror movies for a good scare.  But the Haunted Heartland Country Corn Maze is another excellent way to get your October scare.
Eighteen years ago the Sproul family made the decision to turn their cornfield into something that all families around the area could enjoy.  After seeing a corn maze on a family trip to the Black Hills, Karen Sproul tells us they had the idea to do the same.
“We wanted to do something like that on this side of the state… We thought, well, we have the corn so let’s give it a try.” says Sproul.
It’s not just the maze the makes this a fun place to be in October it’s the spooky characters that are sneaking around the corn maze trying to get a good scream out of you.
“Some people get really scared, and some want more,” Sprole says.
Annual visitor to the maze Ryan Geraets says visiting the Haunted corn maze is one of his favorite traditions.
“It’s a cool time of year to see how creative people can get, and the adrenaline rushes,” says Geraets.
Other ways to get a good scare during the month of October include Jaycee’s haunted house located at the Fairgrounds right here in Sioux Falls.
There are also multiple horrors movies that release in October including Happy Death Day, and Jigsaw.
The Vessel online would also like to wish you a happy Halloween.

Story by Jacob Van Engen, Casey Kelderman, & Cordell Wright

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