USF Gaming Junction: Pokemon Sun and Moon review

Pokemon has been fairly consistent with their games on a story and gameplay level.  The story usually includes the player going out and defeating eight gym leaders and go to challenge the Pokemon League and become the champion.  Catch all the Pokemon and complete the Pokedex.  Sun and Moon changed this mechanic completely.  Instead of the eight gym leaders, you have the four kahunas  and defeating them gets you a Z-Crystal which is another game mechanic that the franchise introduced.

Z-Moves are moves that occur when a Pokemon is holding the crystal, the player has a Z-Ring and there must be a bond between the two.  Sun and Moon also introduced the Alolan forms which are new forms given to already existing Pokemon.

The game has become very popular and among critics has been highly praised as a needed change in a repetitive series.  And for that reason, the USF Gaming Junction crew is highly recommending this game if someone has been looking for something different in the Pokemon series.

Review by Caelan Markstrom

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