Intramural Basketball Season Begins

Story by Irene Samaniego

The start of spring marks a special time for the students of USF: The start of intramural basketball. This league of basketball can prove to be a great time for many USF students for a variety of reasons.

Jacob Brenner, a USF junior and 3 time participant in the intramural basketball league says he’s enjoyed playing because of the good balance of ‘messing around’ and competitive aspect to the games. His favorite thing about the games is being able to take off a couple hours from studying and being able to go play around and just have fun for a set time.

Bryce Wildenauer, a sophomore at the University of Sioux Falls says the things he enjoys playing the games because it allows him to, “kill newbs, you know, swat analyzis, just rip em apart, I don’t know, something about basketball that’s really manly. Wildenauer says his team is there to win it all but to also mess around and have fun. His favorite moment from his previous years was when a fellow teammate did a 360 jumpshot from the 3 point line and swished it.

Freshman Christian Schwab has not participated in the activities before, but looks forward to getting back out onto the hardwood floor and competing, saying it’s “been a while.” He is excited about being a free agent and seeing what team he ends up on, although, he doesn’t want to end up on the intramural’s comedic relief team, ‘da bullz.’

There you have it, lots of reasons to get excited for the upcoming year. Come on by the USF Stewart center to watch some fun, hilarious, competitive, and surely entertaining basketball.

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