The Pressure of Finals

Story by Cordell Wright

Finals week is quickly approaching, and stress is high throughout the University of Sioux Falls, but there is still hope for students.

Nicole Dulaney, Director of the academic success center says that time management is the most important way to avoid stress in general, but especially during finals week.

Dulaney recommends putting an allotted time everyday towards working on your finals, “By doing a little bit everyday, you avoid having to stay up all night, because you already have the material.” says Dulaney.

Kalyn Brenner, a senior at USF, says that she has been preparing for her finals quite sometime.

“Freshman year I didn’t start studying for finals week until a week or two before but as my classes got harder  I couldn’t that as much. So, now I studied earlier, I studied longer, and this year I studied for my finals a month before them.” says Brenner.

Feeling prepared for your finals is the best way to avoid the stress that comes along with them, and avoiding that stress is very important because it can have some negative effects on your body.

Dunaley says “High levels of stress can cause anything from Headaches, upset stomachs, trouble sleeping, high anxiety” this can cause you to just want to shut down says Dulaney.

This is why preparing for your classes well before the final exams helps students relieve stress because they have gained the knowlegde needed to feel ready for the final.

This feeling of ready is essential to keeping stress levels down during this stressful time says Dulaney.

Finals are set to start May 17 and to run through May 19, and you can view the USF website to review the final exam schedule. So get a head start and start preparing for those finals as soon as possible.