Java City Live on Saturdays

Story by Kendra Strasser

Java City has new hours this semester including being open on Saturdays from One to Five p.m.

Dannika Nash the student body president was a big supporter of the new hours.  “We wanted our student union to seem like a student union” she said about the previously empty building on Saturdays.

Student senate is making an effort to make the campus to have more of a community especially on the weekends.  They are hosting Java Live sessions for the first few weeks of Java being open to encourage students to come.  Java Live sessions have consisted of karaoke and live music from some students, like Cameron Brooks who played the first week.

Students are using this new open time to study and to relax.  Lizzie Seilkop a sophomore at USF says that she is liking the new hours.  “I think it’s nice for students to have a place to study and then go use their flex at Java”.