USF Grad Laycee Kluin

By: Dawson Davito

Laycee Kluin (formerly Cain), has had an extraordinary career journey since her graduation from USF. With a Bachelor of Arts focused in Communications and Media Studies, she parlayed her college experience participating in community engagement, an internship, a part-time, then fulltime position with Capital Services, and finally, her current position as Digital Marketing Strategist at MarketBeat, a stock market news and business company. Kluin says it is never too late to get involved in campus activities like Student Life. “I didn’t get involved until my junior year, but that’s where I found the most growth in myself.” That’s not to say students should just jump into things without thinking it through, however, as Kluin reminds students that there needs to be a level of enjoyment to it. “Don’t just do things because it’s a resume builder. If you’re not enjoying it, then why are you doing it? You’ll get the most growth when you’re excited about doing it.”


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