Late Night Coffeehouse

By: Gunner Gould

During the peak of homecoming week, students were invited to Cooper’s Cafe late at night for some fun with friends, live music, snacks, and coffee. During the Late Night Coffeehouse Live event, students could be observed doing homework, playing games, and socializing with other students. While the Cougar Activity Board (CAB) was coming up with ideas for homecoming week, Allan Idjao threw out the idea for the event and junior Cooper Dixon, an events coordinator for CAB, jumped on the opportunity. Dixon had two big reasons he wanted to help the event happen; bringing live performances to USF, and his love for coffee. When asked what the purpose of the entire event was, Dixon had a pretty simple answer, “Community building, having fun and getting homework done,” he said. As far as getting the event up and running, Dixon had a lot of help. He got a couple of fellow students, Elijah Hamilton and Noah Schmidt, to help out with the live music, and USF’s meal provider, Aladdin, helped out with the coffee and snacks. With the venue set, all Dixon needed was people to come. With help from emails and fliers, attendance was way higher than he expected. Only expecting 20-30 students, Dixon was pleasantly surprised to see approximately 50-60 students show up for this night of fun and relaxation. With this much turnout, it’s something Dixon hopes to do more of, mentioning possibly having them every semester.

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