Coast 2 Coast Fitness

Story by Amy Elston

Starting in 2014, USF graduate, Corey Vasquez, has been working on accomplishing his life goal by owning his own personalized gym.

Corey Vasquez shared with College Daily where the idea for Coast 2 Coast came from, “Coast 2 Coast started back in high school. I developed a business plan for recruiting baseball players and it developed into a training facility as well.”

As the gym keeps adding members, Vasquez added on two more trainers to help keep his dream alive. Ryan Pingrey, new to the facility, tells a little more about Coast 2 Coast (C2C).

Ryan Pingrey says, “Coast 2 Coast is all about helping people reach their full potential. We like to cover all realms of things. Functional training, nutrition, and success in life.”

But C2C is more than your average gym. It is a place where trainers design a specific workout each day that focuses on a different part of the body. Starting with a 10-15 minute warm up, finishing with core workouts for the upper abdomen and lower back. There is a wide range of things in-between start and finish, including plyometric, calisthenics, stretching, lifting weights, and pull-ups, Corey likes to call this functional training.

Amanda Bohlmann, a member of C2C plans to stay with C2C as long as they are in Sioux Falls. This is a long-term commitment that she has made. She also tells College Daily about how great the atmosphere is and how great it is to work with the trainers.

“It’s a great group of people, great trainers. They don’t just care about your workout life, but they care about how you’re doing in your personal life too, which is really cool.” says Amanda Bohlmann.

Personal trainer, Tanner Huseman, gives his goals on what he would like the future of C2C to look like, “I want Coast 2 Coast to be a name that everyone knows.”

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