Thursday Night Worship

Written by Marko Coudreau

USF’s Thursday Night Worship has always been a great way for students to take a moment to appreciate and celebrate the Lord, but it has also been a great place to make new friends and meet new people. That was especially true for the September 30, 2021 Cougar Days worship night, held in front of Coopers Café from 9 to 10 pm. It marked the event’s being fully back to normal after a year of hiatus.

Senior, Apolonia Davalos said, “I love our worship community and feel the presence of Jesus Christ. The presence here is a true and authentic love for God and one another.”

Austin Ludens, who is part of the worship choir, says he attends because it is important, and he thinks that worship matters for all of us. He said, “God is at the center of this school and our beliefs, and during homecoming week it is a great time to come together and worship God as it also is a stressful week.”

Greta Smith, lead singer for worship said, “It is a very busy week with lots of events happening, which can make you feel less grounded. One of the good things about worship is that it can really help you feel more grounded by reminding yourself who God is and what he can do for you.”

For anyone on campus who has never been to worship before, those who attended say you should not be afraid to try it. You could be very positively surprised and you might end up meeting new friends or even finding out more about yourself.

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