What is Video Copilot?

Video Copilot is considered the best motion graphics, adobe after effects, plugins, stock footage, and resource website created by Andrew Kramer in 2005. Although Kramer didn’t go to college, he has always offered to help which in the long run has made him extremely successful. As a teenager, Kramer started using Adobe After Effects and got really good at it. He put up 10 free tutorials on his new website (all are still online) and built an empire on his website. He figures out how to do something he sees on a TV show or movie, makes a tutorial, and shares it. Building on his website’s success, he started to build plugins that are now used by all AE professionals. His reputation gets him movie jobs. He shares his experiences on his youtube where you can see how he uses After Effects.

This guy is unbelievably talented! Check out some of his work below or on Video Copilot’s youtube channel!

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