What is ADWEEK’s TVSpy

ADWEEK’s TVSpy offers students a glimpse into the inner workings of broadcasting

Adweek’s TVSpy is a specific sector of the Adweek Network that focuses on the local television industry. TVSpy emphasizes the inner workings of local news stations, informing about programming moves, job changes and more.

TVSpy was created 25 years ago by Don Fitzpatrick, a Television News talent agent who saw a need for a TV news industry gossip forum and newsletter. It went by two different names previously, including Rumorville and ShopTalk. TVSpy has continuous daily updates that keep media professionals informed about happenings across different viewing areas.

This service is more useful than just water cooler gossip. It can be used by a person who is in search of work to see which areas are doing more frequent hiring. It can be used by a producer for ideas, to see what other similar stations are doing with their broadcasts. It can also be a source for new and unique story ideas. It is a useful tool in order to stay updated on what competitors are doing. Most importantly, Adweek’s job bank features up to date job postings specific to the broadcast industry.

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