Changes In Media due to Covid-19

Covid-19 Causes Change in Media

The continued spread of the Coronavirus has caused drastic change across schools and businesses in the United States. The way the information is being reported on has also changed.

News Station, big and small, are being making changes to the way they report this pandemic and news entirely in order to set an example for citizens about the importance of social distancing. This has led to producers, anchors, and reporters to be forced to work from home.

Colton Molesky, a reporter at Dakota News Now says it has caused him to create major changes in the way he goes about his interviews. “I have been doing a lot more interviews with zoom or skype so we aren’t in person. If I am doing still doing an in person interview, making sure that we are still practicing social distancing, staying 6 feet or more apart.”

With several people being forced to work from home in an attempt to slow the spread of this virus Molesky says it’s important to create a schedule in order to stay on task and on pace with your workload.
Along with working from home comes different problems that can arise. Molesky says it’s critical to be able to make adjustments as you go. “You got to adapt and evolve with the changing environment and make sure you know how to attack the problems you see.”

With the future still uncertain in regards to when regular everyday life will begin once again it’s important to maintain a positive attitude in these trying times.

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