Avid Pro Tools Certification

With recent developments in audio recording software/hardware technology, the dream of becoming a home studio engineer has never been more accessible. This has lead to more and more people joining the industry as self-labeled professionals. As the market becomes flooded more and more each day, is there any way an aspiring producer can make a name for themselves? A great way for a producer to prove credibility to clients is by presenting official certification. Nowadays you can receive certification in mostly all popular software used by professionals in media.

Avid Pro Tools certification is a little bit different than other software. You can actually be certified for numerous skill levels within the software. For engineers who are already experienced using other DAW’s, avid has accommodation for them. Instead of re-learning the basics of mixing, you can take 2-3 day long intensive classes, allowing an advantage for users who already have experience mixing in other DAWs. Exams are in a 50 question format. Students are allowed 60 minutes to finish each exam. Course fees are set independently, as students must reach their certification through Avid Learning Partners such as (protoolstraining.com). As stated on (https://www.avid.com/certifications/pro-tools-user) here is what you will receive by the completion of avid certification:

  • Official certificate available for printing or download, proving your Avid Certified User status
  • Downloadable Logos, for use in your resume, business marketing materials such as business cards and websites
  • (Optional with your express consent) Listing of your credentials on Avid.com under Find a Certified Professional



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