What is the Religion Communicators Council?

The Religion Communicators Council (RCC) is a network of professional faith-based communicators. The interfaith group seeks to network with and promote those working in various kinds of media from faith-based organizations from around the United States.

RCC was first established in 1929 as an all-Protestant organization under the title of the Religious Publicity Council. In 1967, the group then known as the Religious Public Relations Council let all Christians become members, with an eventual allowance of all faiths coming in 1972. The group adopted its current title in 1988.

Since 1949, RCC has annually been awarded Awards of Merit, which became known as the Wilbur Award in 1985, for its coverage of religious issues in the media. In addition, RCC has participated in the Universal Accreditation Board, the board overseeing public relations accreditation, since 2001.

RCC currently has over 400 members across the United States and has a yearly convention where members can meet, network, and learn about their respective fields. The headquarters of RCC is in New York City. To learn more, visit https://religioncommunicators.org.

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