USF Hacky-Sack Club Wants New Members

By Ethan Roggow – The University of Sioux Falls has a new club on campus. Steven, a sophomore at USF started the Hacky-Sack Club during the Spring 2019 semester. To anyone unfamiliar with the sport of hacky-sack, it is a game with an objective of keeping a small sack full of material from touching the ground. There are few rules to hacky-sack, but perhaps the most important one is participants are able to use every part of their body besides their legs and hands. This makes the game very similar to a drill that soccer players practice called “juggling”. A player’s most valuable attribute in the sport is their footwork. Hacky-Sack Club meets for the sole purpose of playing the sport they love and improving their craft.



The founder of the club, Steven says that before the club started, he would play with some of his teammates on the cross-country team. They realized it would be fun to get more people involved, and that was when he started the Hacky-Sack Club. Steven says one of his favorite parts about the club is the energy that each member brings, and all the laughs and good memories they make.

New member Maria, a freshman at USF, heard about the club through Steven because she is also on the cross-country team. Maria has a different story from Steven’s, she came into the club with little background in the sport of hacky-sack. Her dad tried to get her into the sport when she was younger, but she only recently found a genuine interest in it. Maria says that part of the reason she decided to join is because she enjoys trying new things. Maria says she really enjoys the people she has met through Hacky-Sack Club and has enjoyed all the new experiences she has made with her new friends.

Maria’s friend Breena is also a new member and says she was skeptical, but Maria finally convinced her to join. Breena said that her stipulation for joining was that she could leave after 15 minutes of every session. Nowadays she doesn’t even look at the clock and is sad when meetings are over.

Hacky-Sack club wants everyone to know they are welcome to join, as long as they follow the rules. Steven says that there are three rules…

Rule number one: Bring new friends to Hacky-Sack Club.

They have made it clear that this club is all about inclusion.

Rule number two: no self-serves (an illegal maneuver in the sport, where somebody serves the first hit to themselves virtuously revealing that they are selfish).

Rule number three is: “always have a hacky-sack on you .“ Steven says this is important because they want any members to be able to Hacky-Sack at any moment of the day.

If you or anyone you know are interested in joining the club, feel free to contact Steven ( for more information.



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