USF intern copyedits for local magazine

By: Mariah  Bonestroo

Jasmine Fletcher, a senior at the University of Sioux Falls, was excited when she was hired at Midwest Medical Edition Magazine this past month as an intern for the company. Midwest Medical Magazine publishes articles relating to health and family. Fletcher is an English major and needs this internship to graduate. She found this internship with help from the Academic Success Center at the University of Sioux Falls. Fletcher says, “After applying to around fifteen different internships, Midwest Medical Edition Magazine was the first to offer me an internship; so I jumped on the opportunity.”

Since she was hired, the company has had her work as a Copy Editor. Fletcher has been receiving editions of the magazine to read through and find as many errors as possible. She then makes a report to send back to the lead editor to make corrections before the deadline to send it for print. She is also responsible for sending out a mailing list when she is not copy editing.

Fletcher loves her internship, because she is able to work from home and pick up the 40 hours she needs for her course work. Jasmine said that her favorite part of working with Midwest Medical Edition Magazine is the people.  She says, “ They are super laid back and casual making the work environment a lot less stressful than I anticipated.”

If a student would  be interested in working or interning for the magazine, Fletcher recommends contacting Steffanie Liston-Holtrop the VP of Marketing and Sales at Midwest Medical Edition Magazine. Midwest Medical also publishes “Hood magazine, a Sioux Empire family magazine.


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