USF infielder has professional baseball hopes

By Matt French

Josh Rehwaldt, senior first baseman and third baseman at the University of Sioux Falls could have the opportunity to play professional baseball after his last college season. After the USF baseball season is over in May, a baseball player can be taken in the 2019 Major League Baseball amateur draft or sign with an independent league team. The MLB draft is in June, 2019 in Secaucus, New Jersey. Some players attend the draft while others watch from home, hold a draft party, or do things that aren’t even baseball related.

Rehwaldt is viewed as a very talented and hard-working baseball player across the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference. He has played very well in his college career. The next step would be to play professionally, “I hope I get the opportunity to continue my baseball career past college since that has always been one of my goals. If that doesn’t happen, I hope to one day coach kids and help them along the way to achieving their goals,” says Rehwaldt.

Many events occur in the life of a collegiate athlete. Having a schedule involving morning baseball practices, weight lifting, classes, and other routines can be hectic and busy. Add to that thinking about the future and the amount of stress involved gives Rehwaldt a lot to think about. “Yes, it’s a lot to take in now that I’m graduating in May. I try not to think about it too much and let it distract me from the present. I can only control what I do right now to set me up for the future,” says Rehwaldt.

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