From South Korea to South Dakota

By Keith Grant

South Dakota and South Korea don’t have a lot in common but Kathy Ko, a junior exchange student thinks the “South” connection is good enough. Ko decided to become an exchange student at the University of Sioux Falls when one of her friends came to South Dakota and highly recommended this opportunity. Ko says the choice for USF was easy. She read the reviews about how nice everyone was here and her friends experience had an influence which made USF an easy pick.

Her first impressions of the United States were the big and various climates. Ko was also surprised by everyone’s maturity and kindness. Her first impression of USF was it’s quietness and small size. She also noticed that many people were considerate, especially as a new person. Ko will be in the U.S. for one year and hopes to travel the country. She said, “I want to experience the American culture and I heard that the Midwest would be the best, because of the slow pace.” Ko hopes to get the most out of her time abroad while here in the U.S.

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