Combined Worship Night

On Thursday, April 26th USF and Augustana students gathered at the Sioux Falls Seminary to enjoy a night of worship.

USF Student Elizabeth Enalls to tell us a little more about these combined worship nights. “Worship nights is just a collaborative night to celebrate the lord. We get together and sing songs about Jesus, and we pray together. It’s a real blessing for the kids on the college campuses.”

Augustana student Emily Nonotny explains why she enjoys combined worship nights. “I think it is so cool that you have two campuses in the same community that are based on the foundation of Jesus Christ and that we can come together and worship in such an organic way.”

Worship nights give students the opportunity to come together and praise the Lord as a community.

“I would say, I love that Augustana and USF can come together without it being weird with the rivalry or anything like that. Honestly, I feel like the rivalry is also just the adults and the college kids just want to hang out and I feel like being Christians together is fun. I love that” says Elizabeth Enalls.

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