What’s Coming for Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Every Wednesday, dozens of students meet in Big Z to play some games, hang out with fellow classmates, and get to know one another through their share in love for God.

Vice President Jacey Huinker says, “FCA is technically the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, but we like to call it the Fellowship of Christian Anyone because we want everyone to be able to come here. It’s really just a time for college students with similar interests in their faith, to come and share this time and talk about Jesus. We go to a Christian school, but it is still nice to have this little group to talk about it.”

Along with sharing student testimonies, worship nights, and game nights, FCA is looking for ways to give back to the community.

Sam Hoyt, FCA facilitator says, “We are looking into helping out at the banquet downtown. Being able to give back to the community, we are looking for various ways to do that. We are open to other suggestions as well, because I think that is what Christianity is all about, serving each other.”

Fellowship of Christian Athletes hopes to see you next Wednesday at 8pm.

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