Students Take on Sioux Falls Skyzone

After long busy days of school work and stress, USF’s Cougar Activity’s Board thought of a new way to help students push aside their everyday tasks and bounce into a time of fun and relaxation.

“CAB is the cougar activities board, and we just host all of the activities around campus throughout the year. We and the summer Olympics and the winter Olympics, which are big events you should know about” says event coordinator and CAB member Evelyn Groeger.

Skyzone provides a great space for students to enjoy time with friends and other fellow classmates. USF

USF student Ashley Hodell says“I think this is a great idea because on the weekends, especially now since school is coming to an end, it’s something fun to do. I like when the school puts on activities for us because it gets us out into the community and gets to do fun stuff like that.”

Skyzone is open every Tuesday through Sunday. To find out more information, be sure to check out

“I would definitely recommend Skyzone. As you can hear it’s so loud, there is so much energy and so many people. Everyone is having fun, we had a great turn out, lots of people came. It’s a great place to try new things and socialize” says Evelyn Groeger.

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