Little Venue, Big Attractions

If you are looking for a place to host an event, or a place to cut loose with a wide variety of music, the District, located just south of the Empire Mall in Sioux Falls, is a unique facility that hosts a variety of personal and public events.
District Venue Manager Shawn Larson talks a bit about exactly what the district is.
“[The District] is a venue here in Sioux Falls, its kind of an all events center.  Its capacity is 1500 for concerts, but not only concerts, we also do weddings, cooperate events, and private events.”
Opened on November 8, 2013 the Larson talks a bit about the founders of the facility.
“ The people who built it had a background in the music industry booking bands, and they kind-of built it based off of that.”
Larson tells us the one of the great things about the district, especially for poor college students is the reasonable cost of admission.
“You generally are going to see tickets anywhere as low as 15 bucks… so your ticket range is pretty reasonable. If you’re a college kid on a budget, it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg to get in.”
Ray Ramirez, a regular at the district told us he appreciated the venue for its reasonable cost of admission and its excellent hosting.
“ I haven’t had this much fun since I’ve gone to music festivals in the past, but this is what I needed tonight!”
If you are interested in checking out the venue, upcoming public events at the district includeJamey Johnson with Chris Hennessee on November 16th and Whiskey Myers on Saturday December 16th.

Story by Casey Kelderman | Video edited by Cordell Wright & Jacob VanEngen